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Newton Pride Foundation Annual Scholarship

Are you a Senior graduating in 2020?  Are you interested money for college?  How do you typify Newton Pride?

The ideal scholarship recipient would  be a student who typifies the word “Newton Pride” by involvement in  both school and/or community activities.  The application requirements are also available in the NHS Guidance Office, via Naviance and online at under the Scholarship tab. Prospective scholarship recipients should submit the following to the Guidance Office by April 30, 2020 by Noon to be considered.

~400—500 word Essay on how they feel they epitomize the words “Newton Pride” and what those words mean to them. ~Resume of school and/or  community activities/ involvement. ~Copy of College, University or Trade School Acceptance letter.

This application is open to all students regardless of GPA who intend to    further their education through college, University or Trade School. School spirit, community involvement and the ability to convey Newton Pride within the essay are considered.

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